MVP of the Month: Eli Cartier


Gray Wilson, Sports Editor

“We’re looking to win the league, and create a stronger team bond,” says sophomore Eli Cartier.  After a great season last year, in which the Husky Hockey Team captured the canoe from rival Portage Central, the Northern Icemen are looking for an equally eventful run at things, and Cartier is providing massive support.  With a hat trick in the first game of the season, it’s safe to say that he’s no beginner.

We’re looking to win the league, and create a stronger team bond

— Eli Cartier

  Although this is his first year representing Portage Northern, Cartier has been playing since he was four years old, and definitely knows what he’s doing.  In only the past 3 games, he’s added another 3 goals and 8 assists to the team effort, making him second in points (goals+assists) on the team.  After a disappointing loss this season to Portage Central, hopes might be slightly down, but Cartier and the rest of the team aren’t letting anything stand in their goals for the rest of the season.  “We’re definitely looking to make a run into the state playoffs,” says Cartier.