If you can dodge a wrench…

Why dodgeball would be a great addition to PN’S sports teams


Jessica Miner, Staff Writer


Sports are a way of life at Northern. Every fall has football. With winter comes cheer, and basketball. When the snow melts into spring, lacrosse, soccer, track and softball dominate. These sports are well known throughout high school, along with the players, but what about those sports that aren’t offered? Students deemed Dodgeball worthy of consideration above all else, in hopes to make it legitimate.

Dodgeball would be more than just a fun way to pass the time and get a gym credit, if it were made an officially played sport. “Everyone loves dodgeball,” Mitchell Brown said (10). Originally, doubting this statement, most students think that the sport to beat would not be a cheap, fun, and semi-rule less sport. However, several other students in every grade agreed that they would join a dodgeball team if Northern offered it.

Before readers discard this idea, think of all the benefits to the school this sport could bring. The cost of these balls range from three dollars to eighty nine, depending on the quality; however, most places that sell them give discounts to school rooted organizations. Also, the dodgeball team could have fundraisers to earn money for their equipment, and the balls only need to be bought once as a set and then replaced as the years go on.

“[If they had a dodgeball team], yeah I would play,” says Matt Kralick (10). Having a dodgeball team would in itself be awesome because of the freedom it inspires inside the participating students. Really there are very few rules, unless made at the beginning of the game, changing the experience each time one plays.

The enhancement of this sport will surely draw the attention of other schools and other state administrative. The cost for dodgeball is very low, at least in comparison to any of the sports Northern already hosts. Plus, it really lets students have fun and feel free in a positive way. Let’s break the same traditional way of life, and incorporate something new that students have declared as a great sport.