Top 3 apps of the week


Cortney Chow, Staff Writer

Cellphone screens greasy with fingerprints of the owner and eager watching friends, the honesty of the whole midst obsession to a cellular device in not just texting. Sending messages is just half of the modern day addiction to glowing screens; the most important piece of the relationship that keeps a cellphone and the owner together are the games. After much observation, the top three apps of the week are: Trivia Crack, Crossy Road, and Dumb Ways to Die 2. However, being the best games among high schoolers does not mean this interactive entertainment has no room for improvement.


Trivia Crack: A game that not only involves knowledge but most of the time, luck. Featuring the six categories: Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports, and History, this app has been downloaded phone by phone within friends and strangers. Having problems with a particular question? No worries! This game gives you coins to buy power ups to help you eliminate answers, increase time to answer, skip the question, have a double chance or even spin the wheel to select a category again. The main priority is to gain all six crowns from each category from the questions selected from the category randomly selected from spinning a wheel.


  • Tests your knowledge (you may actually be smart…or not…)
  • Fun with friends
  • Gives access to submit your own questions with wrong answers to confuse others
  • A variety of questions

Always learn new things everyday, like learning not to vent your frustration by talking to yourself


  • Some of the questions have wrong answers or grammatically incorrect (your English teacher would cry)
  • Can make you want to strangle the creators of the game
  • Too many ads
  • Crashes sometimes
  • Takes too long to regenerate lives to keep playing


Crossy Road: An app that is simple but addictive, sound familiar? The main goal is to cross the road with characters you can collect. These roads progressively get harder and makes the user go through train tracks with frequent activity, cars (slow and fast), and across rivers from log to log. There are many characters you can collect and play with by using 100 coins and going to a animated dispensing machine when you can receive the avatar from a present box. 100 coins may seem like a heavy amount of money in the game but you can earn free coins from watching ads and opening free gifts that offer high amounts of coins.



  • Hardly any ads that interrupt the game, too good to be true? It’s not.
  • Simple and relaxing graphics to prove that you don’t have to have amazing art talents to make billions
  • Fun characters to collect
  • Notifications when the free gift is available



  • Coin gathering can be a slow process
  • Possibly ripped off from Frogger?


Dumb Ways to Die 2: A complete new set of dumb characters and more mini games that make people aware of safety towards oncoming trains. With a new compilation of mini games from Dumb Dome, Drown Town, Dumbest of the Dumb, and Freezerville, this improved game gives players more options.




  • A wider variety of games that adds more dark comedy elements
  • Gives you ideas to murder people…



  • As the games progress when playing, it becomes impossible to have success with the game because it gets faster
  • Too many ads
  • Some crashes
  • Makes you think about death…scary much?
  • Breeding grounds for sociopaths


All in all, the apps could use a few updates to please users of the app and are the most downloaded internationally. These apps definitely increase the activity on phones and decreases productivity, but the time spent was well worth the entertainment.