Portage Central and Northern students protest earlier start and no teacher contract


PPS students show their support for teachers.

Eric Staats, Editor-in-Chief

This past Thursday, from 7:35-7:45 students from both Portage Northern and Central spoke out against what they feel to be unfair treatment from the Portage Public School’s Administration. Holding signs like “Portage students Value Their Teachers,” and “Our teachers = Our idols,” and shouting cheers of “I believe in our teachers,” the protest took place in front of the administration building, with film crews from MLive and the Kalamazoo Gazette recording the entire event.

The goal of the two hundred some students in the protest was unified for both the Central and Northern students. “I’m here supporting the teachers, they deserve a contract,” said Tori Wilson (10). “I’m out here for my teachers,” said Karma Deno (10). Plans are also in the works for future protests, said Mara Hazen (12) “In the future, we’re trying to get Northern kids to line up along Milham.”

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