Northern Super Fans bring the noise against Niles


Super Fans scream for a victory against Niles

Ben Neal

Ben Neal, Huskie Lover

“The Super Fans were amazing tonight; they screamed and brought the noise,” said Pete Schermerhorn. “Their intensity certainly makes a difference in how we play. We appreciate their support and just want them to know they make a huge difference. And with the Super Fans help, the Huskies dominated from start to end. Winning 41-6, to bring the Huskies record to 2-1, the team moves on to prepare for the homecoming game Friday, September 26.

“Friday nights are special, and to turn and see the sea of orange screaming and involved is awesome,” said Portage Northern teacher Ben Neal. “It’s a special group of people and I love to watch them do their thing, even the freshmen are involved and bringing the Huskie spirit,” Neal said. Bailey Neal (9), Danielle Ellis (9), and Delaney Phelan (9) all agree that “[The Super Fans] inspire us to be rowdy.” “I want to be one when I am a senior,” said Neal.

After another successful night of superfanning, the group will start preparing for Friday’s homecoming game. “I can’t wait to see what they do at homecoming,” said Jessica Beadle (9).

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