Gone is the class of 2014, time for the new seniors

Maddy Conklin, Staff Writer

We can only imagine senior year until we really experience it. High school may seem all the same up until senior year, or senior year can just be the same as all others. After all, senior year is what you make of it. Whether you go out and party every weekend or watch Netflix by yourself, it’s still your senior year. Nevertheless, the upcoming seniors are definitely excited for their year at the top of the school.

Being at the top of high school seems like a dream. From having no one older than you other than the teachers to graduating at the end of the year, seniors have some pretty exciting things in which to look forward. “I’m going to rule the school!” said Taryn Ingersoll. “I’m excited for planning out my life, spending my last year of adolescence with people on all of my several sports teams, and just getting excited and prepared for my future,” said Isla Wilger.

As a senior, there are many new opportunities to students that they couldn’t have participated in before as they were not of age yet. “I’m taking a lot more fun classes that I’m interested in, and I’m not taking a math class so that’s cool,” said Kaitlyn Ludeker. Of course freedom in classes will always be a great privilege and not having to take the boring classes is probably the nicest of all. People are also excited for specific studies. “AP stats is nice… also more freedom in classes, also seminar,” said Levi Hambright. There are also exciting elements other than being in new classes. Senior prom and prom king and queen are very exciting and fun concepts to certain people. It might be a popularity contest in the eyes of other people, but we all have to admit it would be really fun wearing that crown.

Possibly the most popular reason to be excited for senior year is getting out of high school after graduation. Graduating is the first step into your new life, specifically your college career. If you want to go to college, it would be nice to get a high school diploma first. However, some people are excited to leave before all the other grades. “I’m excited to be one step closer to getting out of here,” said Janelle Tereshinski.