Top 10 Best Fashion Trends of the Summer

Kayla Jackson, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to an end, summer begins. Summer is the time when it is okay to experiment and try out new looks. Summer is when the best memories are made, the most pictures are taken, and you don’t want to remember the summer of your life by your hideous fashion choices. Therefore I present you with the best fashion trends of the summer.


10.Flower crown:

Embrace your inner 70s wild child. Flower crowns are trending all over tumblr;they are a super cute summer look. “Only true hipsters can pull them off.” -Taylor Young (10)

9. Beach waves:

A cute, easy boho bad hair day fix. Beach waves are perfect for the beach or just for outside in general.

8. Henna:

A great way to show off your artistic side,and the best part is it’s not permanent! “ I like henna because it’s fun to do and pretty, and it’s like a long term temporary tattoo.” -Shelby Fleming (10)

7. Bellybutton rings

They may be a little painful at first, but think how cute it will look with that new bathing suit you just bought.

6. Vintage bathing suits

Vintage anything is trending right now. Vintage bathing suits? Come on, who doesn’t want to look as gorgeous as Marilyn Monroe at the beach? “I think they are adorable.”- Sameen Khurshid (10)

5. Vans

The best part about Vans is they go with absolutely anything and everything. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, and they are super comfy.

4. Rompers

The key to looking cute without really trying: Rompers.It looks just as cute as a dress and makes it look like you really put some effort into your appearance. However, they are the equivalent of walking around in pajamas all day. “They are cute and I wish I could pull them off.” – Mackinley Prentice (10)

3. Crop tops

They can be super cute if you wear them correctly. Crop tops are totally adorable when you wear them with high waisted shorts or anything that covers your midriff.

2. Distressed high waisted shorts

High waisted shorts are adorable. But distressed high waisted shorts are perfect for summer time. They give you a carefree summery look. “I think they are really cute.” -Kristen Ingersoll (9)

1. Skater skirts

Skater skirts are perfection. Paired with a pair of Vans, a cute tank top, and you have the ultimate summer look.