Conservative perspective

Jon Crowell, Opinion Editor

As a Republican, I believe in hard work, rewarding economic growth, and that the government has no place in my personal life. However, many young people disagree. “I believe [that young people tend to be liberal] because it is easier and more fun to be a liberal in the minds of a lot of people,” said Hunter Rose (12). If you took a poll in most American high school classrooms asking students their political views’, odds are there would be more liberals than conservatives. Why is this? After all, even when America reelected President Barack Obama to office in 2012, he only won by a popular vote of just over 51%, meaning 49% of Americans voted Republican. Perhaps this quote by Winston Churchill can offer some insight: “If you are a Republican under 30, you have no heart. If you are a Democrat over 30, you have no brain.”

“[Democrats] believe the government should play an active role in solving people’s problems… Churchill seems to imply that by [30] the Democrat should recognize that the government is not an effective agent in solving people’s problems,” said Kyle Huitt (12). The truth is, it is ‘cooler’ to be a liberal. The liberal ‘let’s all help each other, we’re all victims’ mindset is a lot more appealing than the conservative ‘maybe if I work hard I can provide for myself without the help of the government’ mindset. “We normally see people become more conservative as they age,” said Huitt. A major aspect of the Democratic Party is based on leaning on others for support. “A lot of young people don’t want to put forth the effort towards working hard and establishing themselves and as a result seek to be dependant on others, which is a predominant overriding principle of the left,” said Rose. When children grow up and learn to support themselves, they tend to come around towards conservative policies on economics.

Possibly the most effective things seen in Republicans is that they are broadly focused. While Democrats take an individual incident and turn it into something bigger, Republicans look at the big picture. Like Newton’s third law states, for every small incident reported on the news, there is an even greater Democrat reaction on CNN. Take for instance the gun rights’ issue. I mean hey, if people are killed by guns, let’s just get rid of guns! But wait! Pull out that smart phone and do a Google search and you can find a study on gun control by Harvard amongst many other sources. The study, written by Don B. Kates and Gary Mauser and published in the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, states that not only does gun study not work, it is counterproductive. Each and every correctly executed study will reveal the same truth: gun control doesn’t work. These are statistics, not theories. The numbers don’t lie. Yet no matter how many times this study is done, Democrats will always point to guns being a problem.

Republicans believe that anyone can achieve success through hard work. There is no finger pointing or culprit. Instead of calling the rich selfish, consider the hard work they put into getting where they are now. Even if they are born into a rich family, somewhere along the way someone worked hard and earned enough money to pass it on to the next generation. And isn’t one of the perks of working hard being able to provide for your family for generations to come? Seeing somebody with money should be motivation to work harder and be successful in your own life.

What I’m trying to get across is that while being a Democrat, fighting for a cause, and blaming the rich might seem like a good idea now, at the end of the day, Republicans do what is best for the nation as a whole. Republicans encourage economic growth, don’t get involved in your personal life, and understand that someone having money actually helps the economy. While not every Republican is as brilliant as Ronald Reagan, if you take a step back and look at conservatives with an open mind, you may find that there are more to Republicans than old people, rich people, and Fox News.