End of the year preview


Ally Rabe, Sports Editor

As the school year comes to a close, students become overwhelmed with various deadlines, events, competitions, homework, and exams. While the freshmen are happy to move up in the food chain, sophomores start to dread the homework that IB entails, juniors become ecstatic to be the top dogs, and seniors feel the bittersweet emotions of graduating and leaving high school behind forever. No matter the grade, students (and teachers) have a hectic few weeks ahead of them.


What: Prom

Who: Juniors, seniors, and anyone asked by a junior or senior

Where: the State Theater in downtown Kalamazoo

When: April 26th @ 8:30pm

What to expect: Everywhere you look there will be girls in dresses, guys in tuxes, activities, and a lot of dancing that produces an unforgettable night.


What: Talent Show

Who: Stephanie Truitt, Sydney Schermerhorn, Jacob Rollins, Indian Club, Brookside Avenue, and many more acts.

Where: PNHS Auditorium

When: May 2nd @ 7pm

What to expect: Come to watch your peers’ amazing talent and stay afterward for a fun parking lot party.


What: Academic Award Ceremony

Who: Students and families of students who received invitations in mail

Where: PNHS Auditorium

When: May 8th: freshmen: 1:10pm, sophomores: 10:40am, juniors: 8:50am, seniors: 6:30pm

What to expect: Teachers and staff take the time to recognize the students for all their hard work and hand out various awards.


What: Senior Breakfast

Who: Seniors and their parents

Where: Lower Commons

When: May 15th @ 7am

What to expect: Be prepared to eat lots of breakfast food and hear the recipients of the Senior Star Awards.


What: Senior Sign-Out Day

Who: Seniors

Where: PNHS

When: May 19th

What to expect: It will be many seniors last time walking down the halls of Northern.


What: Graduation

Who: Seniors and anyone invited

Where: Miller Auditorium

When: May 22nd @ 7pm

What to expect: There will be speeches and a reflection on the past four years of high school along with tears, cheering, hugs, and a lot of pictures.


What: Grad Bash

Who: Seniors

Where: Unknown

When: Right after graduation until morning

What to expect: A fun night to make the most of the last time all of the seniors will ever be together.


What: Start of exams

Who: Freshmen, sophomores, juniors

Where: PNHS

When: June 4th-9th

What to expect: Most will have headaches, dull pencils, and late night studying.


What: Last day of school

Who: Freshmen, sophomores, juniors

Where: PNHS

When: June 9th

What to expect: Summer!


What: Men’s volleyball vs. PC

Who: Senior boys

Where: PCHS gym

When: TBA

What to expect: A few of PN’s athletic boys kickin’ some Mustang tail!


What: Powderpuff football

Who: Junior and senior girls

Where: PNHS

When: TBA

What to expect: A battle between the junior girls and senior girls for a victory and some bragging rights.



What: Dodgeball Tournament

Who: All grades

Where: PNHS Doghouse

When: June 7th from 12pm-3pm

What: Get a team together and compete in a school wide tourney for the title!