How to save your grades

Nick Vichinsky, Staff Wrtier

Are you crying while you look at the PIV? Are your own parents threatening to let the family pet sleep in your room? Is every teacher giving you the death stare? Sometimes it feels like you’re  trying to put out a fire with a bucket but to help out, here are some clutch ways to pick up the slack for the final semester.

Studying- Yes, fellow bright students of the great Portage Northern, your teachers and parents can actually be right about some things. This is one of them. “Studying helps me process and memorize material,” said Ben Powers (12). If you’re actually looking for something to boost their grades, there is no better way than to actually sit down and know the material. Each night of studying intensely for ten minutes is better than one day full of studying.

Extra Credit- When a student hears the beautiful sound of the words “extra credit,” coming from any teachers mouth, the student should be drooling from their own mouth as if a big bucket of ice cream was sitting in front of them. Extra credit is liquid gold,” said Austin Killman (10). Grab as much of it as you can; there is never good enough percentage when it comes to grades.

Get Organized- People would not believe how much easier school is when you know exactly where to look, instead of swimming in an ocean of papers in your own locker, backpack, or binder. “It’s best to keep yourself organized so you know exactly where everything is, and in the exact order of where you left it,” said Hunter Pietrzyowski (10).

Actually Go To Class- ¨If you don’t go to class, then you end up falling behind, and then you’ll be stuck trying to dig yourself out of the hole you dug yourself into,” said Alex Wojewoda (10). Sleeping is nice – actually very nice. I will agree with that, but not as nice as seeing all A’s on that final report card. Get your attendance up, get your grades up, and score some major brownie points with the teachers.