Can you not

Sarah Cornell, Life and Style Editor

“When people breathe it irritates me,” said Skyler Watts (11) regarding the obnoxious and annoying things that students do in class. There is no doubt that high school students sometimes have the tendency to have an extremely low tolerance level, and some days it does not take much to get on their very last nerve. Maybe it is from lack of sleep or just simply human nature, but one thing is for certain: students continuously do obnoxious things during class, and sometimes it is  just impossible to get over.

“When people repeatedly ask the same stupid questions, I think, oh boy, here we go again,” said Marissa Heintz (11).  It is one thing to ask a valid question, but when a student asks a question that is as irrelevant as what does two plus two equal, that is when the eyes of students start rolling and the atmosphere of the classroom instantly becomes irritated.  It  almost just seems like  a way of seeking out attention,  and to be honest, nobody likes attention seekers. The same goes for students who seem to never run out of breath and can talk for hours upon hours. It makes students become unfocused as to what is happening. “I zone out and my mind wanders,”said Heintz.

“People who tap their pencils drive me crazy,” said Ryan Rochester (11).  Silence is not always a good thing, but when a student is trying to focus in a boring class discussion and literally the only thing that they can concentrate on is the annoying sound of a pencil repeatedly hitting a desk or a pen constantly being clicked, that is when tension rises between the student body. Paying attention in class is hard enough some days, so keep the writing utensils in your backpacks until they are needed.

“When girls talk about drama, I want to punch them in the face,” said Watts. Girls, we get it. Gossiping is a natural habit and there is plenty of it to going around in the halls of Portage Northern, but there is a time and a place to do it, not in the middle of class. There are people who simply do not want to hear it, but also a majority of people strongly just do not care at all.

“I probably do things that are obnoxious, but I do not care,” said Watts. There is no doubt that each and every student at Portage Northern has done something obnoxious or annoying sometime in their school career, but please try to outgrow it.