The American political system: an introduction

Ben Beach, News Editor

The United States political system is a system that is both many faceted while still singularly uniform. Over the past two centuries, two main political parties have arisen as the chief legislative viewpoints in US culture: the conservative Republican Party to the right and the liberal Democratic Party to the left. One can then subdivide these two parties into many different groups such as the Libertarian, Tea Party, Green Party, and the centered Moderates among others. Each of these parties has different views on the correct policy decisions involved in governing. One can see examples in many different topics, such as gun control with conservatives firmly against it; liberals pushing for it consistently. Another issue that these various parties have had extensive arguments over is the issue of tax policy: Republicans oppose any type of tax increases while Democrats push for them to balance the national and state budgets and Moderates take a sim8ilar approach. These discrepancies in viewpoints are one of the most important factors in the United States Political System; one can observe them through the words of a party’s adherents.

Alternative Coverage: Party Platforms

  1. Democratic Party: The Democratic Party believes in supporting the Middle Class through equality including financial sector reforms and deficit reduction, as well as environmentalism through conservation and emissions reductions.. The party also supports the prevention of nuclear proliferation and the containment of terrorist cells.
  2. Republican Party: The Republican Party believes in supporting the wealthy in order to increase economic output through Supply-Side Economics and increase revenues, as well as a focus on military spending. The party also opposes the graduated income tax and conservation of the environment through partnerships with various corporations.
  3. Green    Party: The Green Party believes mainly in environmentalism and nonviolence; in what are referred to as the four pillars of the Green Party, the party states that environmentalism, social justice, participatory democracy, and diversity and peace are the main beliefs of the party.