Stereotypes: The Emo


Abby Porter, Staff Writer


Wears all black, dark makeup or colored hair, and listens to metal or screamo music, depressed, gauges, act like loners, music like Black Veil Brides, Marilyn Manson, or Asking Alexandria.

The Story:

When seeing a person, it is only natural to judge them or put them in a class like that is a prep, or a jock, or a nerd. Emo being a stereotype very similar to the goths, everyone has their own opinion about what an emo is. Generally, it is a depressed student who wears dark clothing. When stereotyping, multiple other things pop up. It is not just a depressing kid who wears dark clothing, it’s a kid who listens to metal, cuts themselves, complains constantly about his or her life, and all the other attributes. “Well, people see a lot of people from that group doing something, like emos cutting, and they assume that all of them do,” said Vincent Maurer (9) So, when a kid calls another kid an emo, it is not just looking at his or her dark clothing. It adds on different assumptions. Not really making it pleasant for the other to hear they are an emo. Sonja Maybee (10) said, “I don’t really care about being called emo, but when people use it as an insult, that’s when it starts to insult me.”

Better Metal:

 Pierce the Veil – might be described as dramatic, firey, or passionate. They approach the topics such as heartbreak, and not letting anyone hold you down or push you around like in the song “King for a day”

Sleeping with Sirens – their main point is reflection, reflection on past, future present. Their music flows smoothly and has been put on the rock billboard for their song “Low”.

Asking Alexandria – this band is intense, It gives you that ‘I do nor care’ feel.

Bring me the Horizon – a great, U.K. metalcore band with a rebellious side. Plus, who does not love Oliver Sykes?

Of Mice and Men – no, not the book. There is no Lennie or George in this band. Just Austin Carlile singing some empowering lyrics.