Disaster averted: the left door made right


Jon Crowell, Staff Writer

“Wasn’t that door all jacked up with the handle on the wrong side?” questioned PNHS Officer Clark, reminiscing of the door that is now nothing but a distant memory. Stocks are up, gas prices are down, and America has taken a turn for the better. In the midst of all of our nation’s success is the fixing of Portage Northern’s disgrace of a door, known as the left door. The left door, located on the second floor of the east stairway, has been throwing students’ days off ever since they installed it in the schools renovation in 2009. The door contained handles on only one side–the left side–leading to mass confusion from students. However, in early February Mr. French officially announced that they would fix the door.

Special-Lite, Inc., provided the door, a company that manufactures entrance systems and toilets for commercial use. Martha Upjohn, President of Special-Lite, Inc., read the original article about the door and thought it is important for kids to know that they can have an impact. Donating the money and resources to fix the door was her way of proving that adults do listen when kids speak up. She also noted that there are many individuals who are capable of helping schools, whether it is time or resources.

Meanwhile, kids are going ecstatic when they see the door. The most important thing accomplished by replacing the door is the avoidance of mental and physical duress. Quite frankly, the old door had done nothing but personally victimize students from day one. Students are no longer afraid to use the east stairway. “It makes me happy because I don’t run into the door,” said Mackinley Prentice (10). Some students are still adjusting, but we should see nothing but improvement from here on out.

Now students are left in awe of the dark-colored, double-handled door. “It’s sexy,” said Zak Debera (11). Officer Clark admires the color and structure of the door, praising it’s “phenomenal craftsmanship.”

Not only does the door enhance the school in many ways, it also speaks for the greatness of our nation. “It shows that [America is] progressing forward,” said Amanda Bischof (12). This is just another example of an obstacle overcome by our great nation, which is always striving forward.

So what is the moral of the story? Well for starters, it is to never let a wrong-sided door slow you down, and remember that Special-Lite, Inc. has your back. But also, this shows when people speak up, they can make something happen. All in all, the door is fixed, and peace has been restored to the stairways of Portage Northern after a door that now seems like a distant memory.