How to make your school life a little easier

Molly Garcia, Staff Writer

89089-There is no doubt about it; high school can be a struggle. Between school work, family life, and social activities we often times become overwhelmed by the pressure placed upon our shoulders. Here are a few tips to help you survive, and even enjoy the four years you are forced to endure of high school:   

Ask for help when you need it.

No matter how far and how long you have traveled down the wrong path, it is never too late to turn around and do it over. Ask questions in class, be the kid who raises their hand as if they were playing a game of 20 questions with the teacher. Odds are, another student has the same question but is too afraid to ask. Sometimes, you need to swallow your pride and seek the help you need. There is no shame in doing so.

Keep going, even when things get difficult.

Even the hardest working students are guilty of surrendering too easily. The only way to be successful is to keep moving forward. If you are going to put your name on something, no matter what it may be, be sure it is something worthy of being hung on the fridge. “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

Stop focusing on the negative.

We make mistakes, we are only human. When things go wrong, pick your self back up, and move on. You cannot move forward in your life if you are busy dwelling on what went wrong in the past. Use that energy you spent on fixating on the bad and channel it into doing something great. Remember the past, live for the present, and plan for the future. “I really need to focus on not complaining and see all the good things instead of zeroing in on the few bad,” says Sam O’Brien (12)

Never give up who you are.

This is something that is easier said than done. After all, this is high school. Everyone is trying to impress and be who they think everyone else wants them to be. The sooner you understand that not everyone needs to like you, the quicker you will find those people who really like and accept you for who you are. Sometimes, it is better to have a few close friends than to have dozens of people that hardly know anything about you. In fact, social psychologist’s research has shown that we only need two close friends in which we can trust. Having too many friends is linked to depression.

Give people the benefit of the doubt.

Give those who aggravate you, annoy you, upset you, or you just cannot stand, a chance. You never know what could be going on in their personal life that is causing them to act the way they do. When you are put in a situation where you are forced to work with them, take a moment and remind yourself of this. You do not have to like the person, but you do need to be able to tolerate them.

Have fun.

High school is a time for new experiences, meeting new people, and discovering who you are. Get involved in a sport, or if sports are not your forte, join one of the many clubs Northern has to offer. Adventure Club, Anime Club, and Magic Club are just a few of the wonderful and unique clubs at Northern. Even if it seems a little out of your comfort zone, try it! You will never know if you enjoy it if you do not try it. Also, doing extra circular activities looks great on a college application.


Remember, most things in life are only temporary so make the best of everything. Your attitude, actions, and behaviors do not only affect you, but also those around you. By staying positive, you can make high school more tolerable and even enjoyable for you and for others.