Good fun for a good cause

November 11, 2021

In the end, Wood, Prom, and Olsen were happy to participate for a good cause. (NL staff)
Prom was pied in dramatic fashion by junior Emily Hickman. (NL staff)

The sun was shining on Friday afternoon when the teachers assembled to meet their fate. Prom was pied by junior Emily Hickman with enough force that the crowd audibly gasped. “Mr. Wood gave me money to put into Mr. Prom’s bin,” Hickman explained, “and then I got picked to pie him! I’m glad I was able to pie Mr. Prom because he’s my astronomy teacher and I think he’s pretty cool. I’m a softball player and I knew Mr. Prom could take it, so I just threw it hard.”

Prom could, in fact, take it, and in good spirits at that. “This was the perfect culminating event to a great week of competition and togetherness as a Huskie family. All the money donated is going to a great cause, and students really stepped up made it a fun event,” he said, adding: “I’m especially glad that we Mr. Wood was able to participate…also, I expect a cut of Olsen’s Tik Tok royalties.”

Prom was referring to Olsen’s TikTok live, which broadcast his pieing by senior Ashley Miral to 927 of his 82.2k followers. “I knew I had to make his pieing dramatic when he told me that he was streaming on TikTok live,” she said. “Mrs. Friedman helped me figure out my strategy, which was a running start and at an angle so the pie would get everywhere. Overall, I was just happy that I got to participate and that it was for a good cause.” 

Olsen was pied live on TikTok by senior Ashley Miral. (NL staff)

Olsen was a good sport about the up close and personal experience with dessert. “Anytime I can help encourage students to be philanthropic, I am happy to put my face on the line. It’s great that a student-led club like Interact can be a bridge to connect our school with the community that we support,” he said. “I did have a shirt made (shoutout Derenne) to highlight one of our student contributors who’s fundraising efforts are responsible for the pie in my face. It will not be forgotten.”

“I would take 100 pies in the face if it meant that Mr. Prom was here with me today,” he said before getting his due from Kamden Morgan.

After ensuring that Prom got his due, Wood was pied by sophomore Kamden Morgan. Despite the fact that he was covered in whipped cream, his spirits were high:  “Emily Hickman is my hero. The power she packed into her hit on Mr. Prom was like the force of a WMU linebacker forcing a fumble against CMU in a 44-14 win in 2011,” he said. “Watching that was well worth the second mortgage I took out on my house to make sure it happened. It was great to see so much money raised for a great cause. Once again, the Interact Club put on a great fundraising event.”

All $642.70 from L4L goes to helping our families right here in Portage. “We are thankful for all the teachers who volunteered and for all the students who donated,” said teacher Kim Palmer. “We hope our efforts will make at least one family a little happier this holiday season.”

Click here to see all of the photos from the event.

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