Back to (mostly) normal

October 26, 2021

Even though I go to PN, I have still maintained some of my friendships from before. This is me with a close friend from PC at this year’s football game between our two schools. (Courtesy of Brie Quick)

So far, the 2021-2022 school year has been the best that I have ever been a part of. In just one short year of being here, I have gotten myself involved with the school in so many different ways: I am still on the journalism staff, but I’m an editor now, and I am planning on playing basketball and softball again this year, too. On top of that, I joined Student Senate, and I also spend time with a few different clubs. 

The happier I get, the more I am able to realize how much mental damage being at my previous school caused me. Slowly but surely, I am coming back together, thanks to the students and staff at PN. I feel more wanted here daily than I did in five years on the other side of town.  

Even though I made the transition over a year ago, it felt real in small steps: the first day of virtual learning, the first day in person, the start of this school year, and this year’s PN-PC football game. In the stands that night, surrounded by SuperFans, I realized that making the choice to become a Huskie was the best decision I could have ever made. Not only did I find the school I belonged at, I found the people who make me feel wanted.

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