Leaving PC

October 26, 2021

After transferring schools a total of 4 times, making this decision was not easy. I knew leaving Portage Central was the best decision for me, but I did not know if I truly could mentally handle it. I had grown up on the Central side of town and with the people there, but I was hurting myself more by staying.

Winter break during the 19-20 school year was when I started truly considering leaving PC. I started to hang out with friends from West and North Middle and noticed how much happier I seemed around them than I did with my friends from Central Middle. 

When we returned to school in January, nothing felt the same to me. The people at PC started to seem meaner and meaner, and I just felt unwanted there. My mom started noticing how down I was and that I just was not myself. I barely ate anything and all I did was sleep and cry. I lost all motivation to socialize, do school work, and just complete the basic things I needed to do on a daily basis. 

January 20, 2019 was the day that I talked to my counselor about getting transferred to Portage West Middle School. I told her how I felt unwanted, could not find my own happiness, and just was not willing to do anything at my current school anymore. Six short days later, I finally got to say goodbye to PC. 

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