Pandemic concerns

November 5, 2020

The CDC indicates that for someone her age, the risk of hospitalization due to Covid-19 is 9 times lower than someone older and the risk of death is 16 times lower. However, having any kind of pre-existing lung disease or condition, like Funk’s blood clots, increases an individual’s risk of severe illness from Covid-19. Severe illness from COVID-19 is defined by the CDC as hospitalization, admission to the ICU, intubation or mechanical ventilation, or death. While Funk is not overly concerned, she is still abundantly cautious.  

“My doctor told me that a lot of other doctors are telling their patients with breathing issues, like mine right now, to not wear a mask, but my doctor told me definitely do not do that,” she says. Even though she already has trouble breathing, she outweighs her discomfort with the knowledge that getting COVID would be much worse. “He said that if I do get COVID because I wasn’t taking the precautions I need to, it’s going to be a ton worse than the little breathing issue that I have with a mask on,” she explains.


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