The discovery

November 5, 2020

As availability for COVID-19 testing spread across the nation, many people took advantage of the opportunity. Many people who were tested suffered from the symptoms of COVID, some of which include shortness of breath, coughing, and fever. “For a couple of weeks I had symptoms of COVID, and I kept getting really sick. I couldn’t breathe, I was really short of breath, and I eventually passed out,” Funk says. 

Due to the similarities between the symptoms that Funk was experiencing and the known symptoms of COVID, she decided to get tested. “They got me tested for COVID and it came back negative, and then I went to the ER. There, the doctors did a ton of different tests and found two pulmonary embiosis in my lungs, which are blood clots,” she explains. If untreated, they can be fatal.

After the shocking discovery of the blood clots, the doctor explained the possible reasons behind them. “I have thicker blood, and what they believe is that due to not having a lot of movement, because I was out of school at that time, they believe that a blood clot formed in my leg and made it through my lungs. So basically, I had two quite large ones in each lung, and they just gave off the same symptoms of COVID,” she explains. Although relieved that she didn’t have COVID, Funk had to face a new challenge: emergency surgery the same day. 

Funk was transported from Borgess to Bronson via ambulance. She was put in an isolated room and precautions were still taken to ensure the safety of the hospital staff even though she tested negative for COVID two weeks prior. She was tested again for COVID, and once it came back negative, they stopped the precautions. She was then sent down to surgery at around midnight.

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