Moving forward

February 19, 2019

I have never completely told my story until now, and even when I was writing, I realized that, though the pain of reliving some of my darkest moments was very real, the pull that I had on my heart was never to encourage people to like me more or have sympathy for me. I wanted to tell my story to show everyone that even if you are at your lowest point in life, there will always be a reason to get out of the darkness. We all have a purpose for living, and my purpose is Jesus.

Religion, of course, is a matter of personal preference. Many people do not believe in Jesus or in any religion at all.  The lesson is the same, however: any obstacle can be overcome, whether it’s depression, family complications, mental illness, or something else, by and through faith, wherever that comes from for an individual.

I know where it came from for me.  I am far from perfect. I still struggle to pronounce words correctly (don’t ask me to say synonym and cinnamon together five times fast), but I have faith in who I am, and specifically who I am in the Lord, and I am content and confident in ways that I never thought possible, even with my multitude of flaws. With this contentment comes a desire for others to experience it to, so if there’s anyone out there with questions, they’ve got 100 more days to find me before the walls of Portage Northern High School become another dot on the map that the Lord has artfully crafted for my life. Ask away. The door -and this heart- are open.


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