The Crucible

Sammy Melvin, Staff Writer

In a town where everyone accused others of being involved with witchcraft, one must protect themselves from execution. The Crucible is a terrifying story of the Salem Witch Trials that took place in Massachusetts during the early 1960s. Starting January 30, this intense story will be told at Portage Northern.

The first girl to get accused is Sarah Good, played by Aly Weaver (9). “My character admits to being a witch, so that she isn’t hung,” said Weaver. As the show continues, more and more people accuse others of witchcraft. However, Abigail Williams, played by Hailey Burger (11), is the one who accuses everyone. “She is a very manipulative girl who accuses many people of being a witch. She’s a very interesting character to play,” said Burger. As well as accusing everyone of witchcraft, Abigail has an affair with a married man, John Proctor, played by Hayden Smith (12). “This is a new experience for me because I have never been in a play before, but I have done 16 musicals. So being in a serious role like John Proctor challenges me so I can become a better actor,” said Smith.

In years past, the audience has been able to enjoy the performance from up close on the stage and this play is no different. “It will be cool for the audience to see up close because they get a chance to see the show in more detail as well as the emotion of the actors,” said Weaver. There are 27 people in the cast playing all different types of characters. “One of my favorite things about being in this show is the cast. Having a smaller cast than most shows, we have the opportunity to become very close with people who we may not usually talk to,” said Smith. The cast has rehearsal every week in order to get ready for the show. “I really enjoy this show because everyone has such great energy, which makes it fun. I love the cast and I love hanging out with Ms. B,” said Peter Maurer (10), who plays Ezekiel Cheever, the official clerk of the court who helps with the case.

This is a true and captivating play that still relates to our society regarding self-behavioral issues and the effect that it can have on our world today. This play will not just be taught in English 11, but be brought to the stage this month as well.

Performances are January 31, February 1, 7, 8, 9.