Sharing Is Caring

Due to an unexpectedly large incoming freshman class, seniors and students that attend off campus courses such as KAMSC, EFE, or EFA are now required to share their locker with another student.


Jonathan Crowell, Opinion Editor

“I hate it!” said Rae Herbert (12) of the new locker plan. After discovering that she would not be able to have her own locker for her final year of high school, Herbert was exasperated. “I have so many books, and there is no room.”
Though it is clear something had to be done about the shortage of lockers, many students are not happy with the solution, thinking that it should be the freshmen who share. “I felt it wasn’t fair that the seniors had to be the ones to share because we are the oldest,” said Herbert. “I’ve had the same locker since freshman year.”
Mr. Huber, the Assistant Principal, counters that “the seniors are the least likely to use their lockers,” while the freshman are more likely to rely on them. Many seniors agreed that they either did not use their lockers often or at all. “I can see why they chose the seniors. Most don’t use their lockers anyways,” said Kelsey Kreps (12). In addition to the more pressing need of lockers for the underclassmen, students and staff agree that seniors would be at an advantage due to their experience at Northern, making it an easier transition. “They already have relationships with other students,” said Huber. Tyler Corwin (12) agrees, saying “Seniors know responsibility better than freshmen. Freshmen sharing lockers may be problematic.”
The staff at Portage Northern have also made an effort to make the transition as simple as possible, primarily by giving seniors the option to choose who they would be sharing with. “I like the idea that we get to choose a buddy. Besides, seniors have cars to keep their stuff, ” said Long Nguyen (12).
Some students were fine with the change. “I actually don’t mind sharing lockers,” said Chris Curl (11). Curl, because he is in EFE, shares a locker with his friend who is a senior. “It allows me to see one of my best friends throughout the day, so I’m ok with it,” said Curl. In addition to growing relationships with a locker buddy, others say that the decision really was not a big deal. “As seniors, we have so many bonuses, and this is just one small problem,” said Katherine Andrews (12).
“We will just have to learn the new process,” said Herbert. Like it or hate it, the new locker policy is already here, and students will have to survive the year sharing a locker.