NERD ALERT with Lexi Kava: Spiderman Homecoming review


Lexi Kava, Entertainment Editor

 Marvel’s highly-anticipated blockbuster Spider Man: Homecoming swung into the movie theatres last Friday and has already claimed its crown as the best Spider Man movie yet. British actor Tom Holland delivers a comical and fresh new look to the well loved superhero, gifting it with the true comic book feel that is fun for people of all ages to enjoy.

Holland does a fantastic job of bringing back the youth and humor that the comic books captured when they were first written by Stan Lee in 1962.  The movie begins right where Captain America: Civil War left off with a amusing view of the battle from Peter’s point of view. It then transitions back to Peter’s high school, where the viewers become a part of Peter’s constant battle between being Spider Man and himself. The movie itself is a coming of age story: all Peter wants to do is become an Avenger and impress his role model Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. However, because of his young age and inexperience, Peter at first does more harm than good while facing the new villain, The Vulture.

Played by Michael Keaton, the new villain gains his super wicked vulture wings after a stereotypical negative encounter with the rich and famous, such as Stark. After feeling wronged and attacked by the heroes, he dives into the crime world and eventually resurfaces as the Vulture, Spider Man’s new and insanely powerful foe. After Peter’s repeated attempts to gain Stark’s approval, he takes his talents and gets himself into more trouble than he can handle, causing him to have to go through a character change, evolving into a true superhero in the end and finally gaining the approval he wished for. ]

Since 2002, there have been 5 Spider Man movies released before the hero’s entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with Civil War, but none have come close to capturing the youthfulness of the web slinging hero like Spider Man: Homecoming has. It truly is the best Spider Man movie yet. Holland’s character will swing back into action on the big screens 2018 in the release of the Avengers Infinity Wars part one. That’s all the movie magic news for now, until next time, stay nerdy my friends!