The Alamo: closing soon! Visit now!

Sal DelVecchio, Staff Writer

Whether you were going to see a new flick by yourself or if you have a “plus-one,” The Alamo in Kalamazoo was probably the place you were eying. The Alamo offers movies that range from the new box office hits to the classics that never get old. What makes The Alamo unique is the experience you get when go to their theater. Not only are you treated to a great movie of your choice, but you also have the ability to order anywhere from philly cheesesteaks and a variety of beverage selections to bottomless homemade popcorn and root beer floats during your showing. This allows for a great experience, especially if you happen to be working up an appetite. Why not kill two birds with one stone and go see the movie that you’ve been dying to see as well as fill up your stomach with excellent food? The servers and people who run the establishment are incredibly nice and I have always been treated well when I attend a movie showing there; it’s more than a movie, it’s an experience.

The Alamo opened back in 2013 and has been serving Kalamazoo and Portage residents ever since, but this week it was announced that The Alamo will be closing by the end of 2017. I find this terribly depressing, and I am not alone. Sophomore Micah Graff is also upset with the news. “I love The Alamo, I usually go there for all my movies and it sucks it’s closing,” he said. The Alamo’s Kalamazoo location is the only one in Michigan out of its two dozen other locations scattered across the United States. According to, 109 people will lose their jobs when the theatre and drafthouse closes.

The theatre is expected to stay open until at least April, so my advice is to go and frequent it as many time as possible before it closes. MLive reported that he owner of the movie complex used by Alamo hopes to announce a new theater opening there soon, but there haven’t been any further developments, and even if another one does move in, it is unlikely to be able to compare to the epic establishment that is the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.
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