Pic or it didn’t happen

Abigail Seeber, staff writer


Juniors, Juniors! (*clap clap clap clap clap*) The time has come. You’re at the top of the Food Pyramid, Senior year is just around the corner, but what else is right around the corner? Senior Pictures. Years from now,  you will want to see your senior pictures complete with perfect skin, a youthful smile, and not a gray hair in sight. That’s right, Juniors, it’s time to book your session with a pro photographer, to capture your natural beauty.

It can be hard to find the right photographer for you, since each photographer has different styles, different techniques, and different rates. Have no fear, The Northern Light is here to help you find the perfect photographer for your personality and price range!


Valerie Ott Photography

Valerie Ott specializes in pictures with a “feminine look.” She offers three styles: Urban, Natural, and Styled. Her sessions feature a makeover (included in price), multiple outfit changes, and beautiful, clean pictures. Valerie charges a little bit more than the average photographer, but in the end, her pictures are absolutely beautiful and you don’t have to stress about you hair and makeup!

Location: Kalamazoo

Website: kalamazooseniorphotographer.com

✰Student approved ✰


Amy Cook Smiles Photography

The most bang for your buck! Amy offers as many outfit changes and locations as you like and super easy to order pictures. Amy is super nice and accommodating to any requests you may have. Plus, her website is mobile friendly, which is always a plus.

Location: Portage

Website: acsmilesphotography.zenfolio.com

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Carrie Ann Photography

If you want a memory that will last forever, but don’t mind forking over some more cash, Carrie Ann is the way to go! Carrie Ann offers SUPER high quality photos. She offers three packages, “The Ultimate Package,” “The Cinematic Session,” and “The Destination Session.” Much like Valerie Ott, Carrie Ann’s packages include a hair and makeup session, included in the price, and done before the photoshoot. Though quite a bit more pricey, her photos are absolutely stunning and you will be sure to stand out in the Yearbook Senior Spread.

Location:Grand Rapids

Website: carrieannephotography.com

✰Student approved ✰


Paul Manoian Photography

Are you a little out of the box and want to capture that in your senior photos? Paul specializes in pictures that capture you and your interests. His prices are in the average range of about $130, and his pictures are in a class of their own. Your photos will be a summary of you, just as they should be.

Location: Detroit

Website: paulmanoianphotography.com


Brian Menz Photography

Brian is absolutely in love with what he does and his photos express that.  His site specifically says, “Every session with me is customized around you.” Brian wants to accommodate who you are, and what makes you happy. He does not have any two photos that look the same. He wants to encapture your interests so you have a great sentiment to your high school career. Offering average pricing, he will make you feel like you.

Location: Portage

Website: brianmenzphotography.com


Remember, your senior pictures need to be about who you are. Not everyone is comfortable about being in front of a camera for an hour and a half, so have fun and be yourself. Who you are is pretty cool and your pictures should capture that. The NL can not wait to see you in all of your glory in the senior spread, and more than likely your Instagram. #SeniorSunday