Junior Guinea Pigs of the Year

First class to ever take the S.A.T. in Portage Northern


Brooklyn Hudson (11), Staff Writer

“I’ve always had A.C.T books, but finding out that we were taking the S.A.T. I had to get all new books,” said Cortney Chow (11).   The juniors are the guinea pigs for the S.A.T testing this year. This means that they are going into this blindly and they will have no idea what to expect.

The juniors in previous years have taken the A.C.T, and the teachers have helped them prepare and get them ready for it. This year we do not have that advantage. The teachers are scrambling and working on how to prepare for it just as much as the students.

I don’t like that we have to take these tests to see how ‘smart’ we are.”

— Tori Spencer (11)

The S.A.T.  determines our life after high school, like what college we get into, and which major we choose.  It’s a big deal and we don’t know what to expect for it at all. YAY for us, right? We don’t have the advantage of having a teacher to help with it. I know that I’m freaking out about it, and I know I’m not the only one.  This can make us or break us.“I don’t like that we have to take these tests to see how ‘smart’ we are,” said Tori Spencer. (11).“I don’t think it’s fair that we have to take the test and be the first ones when we haven’t even studied or practiced for it,” said Spencer. This test will either make me or break me. So many things run through our minds each day and this just adds to it and makes things worse.

So many questions run through our heads about this test like, what do we do? Do we just wing it or look things up?  I know that we are stressed and not ready for this test that is coming up in April, but I believe that we can do it.

Class of 2017 can show that we know what we are doing and can get the help we need to show that we want to succeed. Just because we get something thrown at us that is new and scary does not mean that we give up. This is our year to shine and show what we got.  We are a great class and we can totally rock this test since we are the first that will be taking the S.A.T’s. We can do this, class of 2017!


Top 5 ways to prepare for the S.A.T.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice
  2. Don’t run-through
  3. Know the test
  4. Read up
  5. Write away