Sports Recap


Nick Vichinsky, Staff Writer

Men’s Lacrosse-  Northern Lacrosse finished third in conference with a 10-8 record and a 4-3 record in conference. Mitch Kalleward (11) finished with 75 points total  (assists and goals) on the season, leading both the team and the state; this is the best record the Huskies have finished with in the history of the program. “I have never been apart of a team so close like this one before. It was a really fun season.  I wish our seniors luck on wherever they are headed. I can’t wait for next season,” says Kalleward.


Women’s Lacrosse- The Women’s Lacrosse Team ended with a record of 8-8 (6-0 in conference).  Alexi Zeluff (11) finished with the second most points on the team with 49 total points (assists and goals). Fantastic year for the Women’s Lacrosse team!


Men’s and Women’s Track and Field-  Men’s Track and Field Team finished third in the conference standings  with a 2-1 record and a 2-0 record in conference. Nicholas Guerrant (10) broke the school high jump record with a jump of 6’1. The Women’s Team finished first with a 3-0 record and a 2-0 record in conference.


Women’s Soccer- Finished 8-11-1 and second in the Southwestern Michigan Athletic Conference (West Div.) with a conference record of 6-2. Tia Lamie (10) led the team with five goals and Grace Vandersloot (12) led the team with five assists. “It took awhile to adjust to a new coach and playing with new girls, but we eventually clicked. Our season wasn’t as long as we hoped it would be, but we’ll come out next year stronger and really prove a point,” says Lamie.


Women’s Water Polo-  After a rough year in Women’s Water Polo, the Huskies finish 0-8 on the season and 0-2 in conference. Brianna White (12) carried the team with seven goals on the season.


Softball- With a 17-14-2 record, the Huskies finished fifth in conference. Gabby Grooten (10) led the team with two home runs. “It was a fun season with all of the girls! Our record doesn’t really show how good we could have been, but we are a good team. I had a lot of fun being on varsity as a freshman and being able to play with all the seniors,” says Paige Poulter (9).


Men’s Baseball- After an impressive 27-11 record (11-3 in conference) the Huskies took home the division and district titles. The Huskies next game will be June 7th against Howell. “It has been a great season so far and can’t wait to move forward in the playoffs,” says Sean Mcgee (10).
Women’s Tennis- A 4-1 conference record and a 4-2 overall record, Women’s Tennis wraps up the season placing second in conference.